Thirsty Thursday: The Dirty Jane

Everyone has their go-to spot. Like, the place you go where stuff is consistently good or the place you recommend when folks come in town. For me, The Smith definitely falls into

Short Rib Chili with Pimento Cheese Hushpuppies

MUSIC PAIRING: Ludacris, Word of Mouf Do you roll your eyes at jersey-clad folks? Are you annoyed by people constantly talking about drafting their fantasy league players? Have you had

Cheese Straws

MUSIC PAIRING: Norah Jones, Come Away With Me When I was little, the most common word we heard at home was ‘no’. Mom, can we get Lucky Charms? No. Mom,

Thirsty Thursday: Backseat Berner

I’m a massive beer lover. While wine and cocktails of all kinds have a piece of my heart, beer has the whole thing. I think part of the reason I