Thirsty Thursday: Backseat Berner

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I’m a massive beer lover. While wine and cocktails of all kinds have a piece of my heart, beer has the whole thing. I think part of the reason I love beer so much is because it’s actually my mom who got me into it! Yep, way back when I was a wee 20 year old, Mom brought home a six pack of Anchor Steam and we tried it together for the first time. Yes, Mom drank with her underaged daughter. Scandalous! That was my official introduction to craft beer and subsequently the birth of my beer passion.

I’m in the process of getting back to studying to become a cicerone. A cicerone is basically like a sommelier of beer. I’ve been up and down with focusing on it but I’m trying hard to get back in the game. A huge part of becoming a cicerone is developing a necessary palate for all varieties of beer. These days, there is so much out there that I often feel overwhelmed even thinking about all that it involves. However, could there really be anything better than tasting your way through it all? 

Now, I’m an IPA gal to the core. The funkier, dirtier and more bitter it is, the better. I absolutely love that punch of hops that makes your mouth pucker just a little bit as you swallow. I do believe that first sip of a cold, hoppy IPA is the height of perfection. Know what’s so cool? IPA, or India Pale Ale, was invented on accident. A heavy dose of hops was added to beer as a preservative for shipping barrels from Britain to India in the 1780’s. The journey was long and India was too hot to brew so the hops were supposed to help preserve the beer. Over time as the hops sat in the beer, it became hugely flavorful and thus, IPA – aptly named – was invented.

For this Thirsty Thursday, I’m coming at you with a bright, powerful IPA from Otter Creek Brewing in Vermont. Brewed with American hops, it’s heavy on the citrus notes with a resiny, almost piney finish. I almost felt like there was citrus peel with a bit of pith brewed in with it. This was my first beer from Otter Creek and I was very impressed. You can bet this will be a regular in my fridge going forward.     


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