Thirsty Thursday: Beau’s Lug-Tread

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I grew up with three older brothers. Ok, so only one of them is my actual brother but the other two dudes might as well have been a part of my family. Willie and Raymond were – are! – my brother, Michael’s, two best friends. They’ve been close since they were kids and I grew up wishing they were my brothers, too. I mean, aside from the time they accidentally smacked me around with a cabbage patch kid forgetting that the actual faces were hard and really hurt if you hit someone with them. I tried to pretend I was having the time of my life hiding under the covers but, put simply, I was getting beat up with a doll. Not my finest moment. Thanks so much to Allison for blowing my cover when I begged her not to so I still looked cool. #littlesisterproblems

As adults, it’s pretty dang funny to hang out with Willie and Ray. I think it took a while for all of us to realize that they weren’t 14 anymore and I wasn’t still 6. Yes, we can drink beers together. Legally! When I lived in Denver last year, Ray and I even got together for a night out on the town. SO fun. 

What’s really great about my now adult relationship with them is that all three of us have a huge passion for and love of beer. So much so that they’ve decided to follow their dream of turning home-brewing into the real deal. They’ve created Bathtub Brewhouse, currently operating out of Willie’s garage-turned-speakeasy, and the long term goal is to have a brewpub on the Marietta Square where we all grew up. In the meantime, they’re traveling to different beer festivals, trying all sorts of new brews and I get to hear and learn about them through it all.

A buddy of Willie’s recently tried a lager from Beau’s out of Canada on draft and was curious whether or not the bottle would match up. They can’t get it in Georgia so Willie commissioned me to pick up it up at a local shop here in the city after he had them order it. He got an extra bottle for me to try, told me to keep the change and sent all the shipping materials my way to send back down south. I got the long end of the stick on that one, eh?

I really liked this. I thought it was very nicely balanced with a subtle hop undertone that stood out more than most lagers I’ve tried. As it warmed up a touch, the malt came out more, which you’d expect, but it never lost the hoppy zip which I thought was great.  


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