Thirsty Thursday: Otter Creek Fresh Slice White IPA

Beer, Thirsty Thursday | September 24, 2015 | By

Although yesterday was the official start of Fall, we’re still feeling remnants of Summer here in NYC. I’m thrilled to report that the humidity has lessened but the air is still warm and perfect for enjoying the last of so many delicious Summer brews. 

I told you about Otter Creek last year and ever since, I’ve been excited to try anything new that they put out. We all know that I love IPA but I have a heavy appreciation for good White IPA, a hybrid of IPA and Belgian Wit. Witbiers (meaning white beer in Flemish) are a regional specialty hailing from the farmlands of Brabant, east of Brussels. They’re unique due to the use of oats and spices during brewing, predominately coriander. There are also notes of orange with an herbal chamomile quality that’s really refreshing on the palate. The Wit style almost disappeared if not for a milkman-turned-brewer named Pierre Celis who revived the style all on his own in the 60’s. He brought the style to Austin, TX in 1992 where he founded Celis Brewery. I’ve grown to really like Witbiers and I’m grateful to Pierre for believing that people would love them as much as him. 

Otter Creek takes this lovely Wit style and really enhances it’s nuanced orange flavor with clementine juice. Their take on White IPA rivals my very favorite, Whiplash from Sweetwater. It’s never a bad thing to keep adding new beers to my ‘favorites’ list. What a rough life, eh? 



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