Thirsty Thursday: Racer 5

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This post makes me happy and angry at the same time. See, Racer 5 is a beer that Patrick and I both love. Bear Republic is out of Sonoma County in California and because Patrick lives in California, he gets to have Racer 5 all the time. I, however, do not. Therefore, when I complain to Patrick about how it’s rainy or muggy or smells like pee in New York, he loves to respond with photos of him holding an ice cold Racer 5 with a steak casually hanging out on the grill in the background. It’s just mean. So today, I’m going to pretend that I get to drink Racer 5 all the time and that it’s really nothing special.

Truth be told though, it is something special. It’s a big IPA made with four different kinds of hops and happens to be one of the most award winning beers in the USA. For me, it’s got a nice grapefruit and floral undertone that calms its bitter strength. Of course, I love the really bitter IPAs so that’s not something that bothers me like it does others.

A couple of weekends ago, I happened to find myself out in sunny California for my beautiful friend, Camille’s, bachelorette extravaganza. Since beers at the airport are kind of a must, I got to enjoy a couple of these delights before heading back east.

On a side note, shortly after getting back from California, I discovered this treat on tap at Croxley, my very favorite dive bar here in the city, so that was basically like I’d won the lottery. On a late Saturday afternoon, I can head to Croxley for some Racer 5 and a free (yes, free!) happy hour buffet of boneless wings and mussels. I mean, what could be better?       



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