TSP Original: Freaking Delicious Granola

MUSIC PAIRING: Radiohead, Pablo Honey Hellooooooooo, everyone!  I have emerged from the bubble that is Certified Cicerone studying. While I’d been studying on and off for the last year and a

TSP Original: Margherita Tart with Basil-Parmesan Crust

MUSIC PAIRING: Funk Outta Here Playlist on Spotify  It’s been a while since I brought you one of my own creations. See, I’ve been stuffing my face with things like

French Onion Dip

MUSIC PAIRING: The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds We recently talked about my love of sour cream and buffalo sauce but both have some stiff competition. While I could cover just

Buffalo Cauliflower

MUSIC PAIRING: Los Colognes, Dos  Football season is officially upon us and that means two things to me: buffalo wings and finding innovative ways to cope with the stress that Eli Manning adds

Cucumber “Crostini” with Whipped Dill Ricotta

MUSIC PAIRING: The Paper Kites, Twelvefour  Ricotta cheese is about as simple of a cheese as you can get. Actually, it’s not even a cheese at all as I’ve previously

TSP Original: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

MUSIC PAIRING: Phish, Live from Hampton Coliseum: August 9, 2004 Salsa makes me think of one person: Brant William Hayes. Doesn’t that name sound like a Civil War general or

Almond-Date Truffles

MUSIC PAIRING: The Lumineers, The Lumineers Dude, my mom is cooler than me. It’s honestly true. She’s here in town right now and proving with each day that she would probably

TSP Original: Sun-dried Tomato Tapenade

MUSIC PAIRING: Live, Birds of Pray New York City can be infuriating. I set out today to bring you a stuffed portobello with taleggio recipe which sounded delicious to me.

Pimiento Cheese

MUSIC PAIRING: Zac Brown Band, Uncaged  There are certain foods from my childhood that made me want to run and hide. I’m sure we all share that sentiment. My father

Flour Tortillas

MUSIC PAIRING: Dinner with Friends Playlist on Spotify Remember when I told you how much fun I had in the kitchen recently? Well, I’ve owed you this belated post because I