Pumpkin Rugelach with Sage and Walnuts

MUSIC PAIRING: Brett Dennen, Smoke and Mirrors  I live in the land of bagels and cream cheese. It is a magical land where, at any hour, said delicacy can be delivered

Brown Butter Bourbon Banana Bread

MUSIC PAIRING: The Shins, Port of Morrow  B to the 5th power. All my favorite Bs combined in one thing (yes, that includes brown because I like to be that

Short Rib Chili with Pimento Cheese Hushpuppies

MUSIC PAIRING: Ludacris, Word of Mouf Do you roll your eyes at jersey-clad folks? Are you annoyed by people constantly talking about drafting their fantasy league players? Have you had

Cheese Straws

MUSIC PAIRING: Norah Jones, Come Away With Me When I was little, the most common word we heard at home was ‘no’. Mom, can we get Lucky Charms? No. Mom,

Whipped Ricotta

MUSIC PAIRING: R.E.M., Automatic For The People I thank the good lord above for cheese. I bet even he would amend his own words in the bible when he says ‘man