Thirsty Thursday: Stolen From Eden

Cocktails, Thirsty Thursday | February 26, 2015 | By

GO TO APOTHEKE! I’m serious. Drop what you’re doing and go there immediately. 

NYC is no stranger to underground, secret, speakeasy type joints. Years ago, they were rare and it was so cool when you got in or discovered one that nobody had heard of. I don’t care how common they are now, I still love it. 

Apotheke is special. It’s not a speakeasy but it’s got that feel to it, like you’ve been invited to a really exclusive party. It’s dark inside and feels like you really are in the presence of apothecaries working their magic. The back bar is laden with antique medicine bottles from around the world and the walls around you make you feel like you’re sitting smack in the middle of some elusive French town. One sip of their expertly crafted cocktails and it’s like you’re in on a secret that the world is dying to know.

I made a very wise choice in ordering the Stolen from Eden. Get a load of this…Aviation gin, snowpea, dill, basil, pink and black peppercorns, lime and agave. What the what?! Snowpea! In a drink! This cocktail was killer. I can’t even describe it. It was balanced in every possible way, had a nice zip from the peppercorns and all around felt like I was in sweet and savory heaven. I cannot wait to go back.   



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