Thirsty Thursday: The Dirty Jane

Cocktails, Thirsty Thursday | September 18, 2014 | By

Everyone has their go-to spot. Like, the place you go where stuff is consistently good or the place you recommend when folks come in town. For me, The Smith definitely falls into that category. The drinks and food are always awesome and it’s just a cool spot. Did I mention they have fried green beans with homemade ranch? Yeah, there’s that. 

One of my favorite cocktails is The Dirty Jane. Simply put, but definitely not simply made, it’s a vodka martini with pickled tomato. Um, hello delicious. These are so dangerous and I’ll never admit how many I’ve had in one sitting. We’ll just leave that to your imagination.

If you live or find yourself in NYC, put this on your list. It sure wouldn’t hurt to order those green beans too or mac and cheese or chips with blue cheese fondue…shall I go on?   



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