Thirsty Thursday: Watermelon Margarita

Greetings from Denver, friends!

I’m here for the weekend and happily escaping the swamp that is NYC. I really miss Denver weather. While it’s as unpredictable as you can imagine, you can always count on zero humidity. Unlike the east coast, shade does its job in Denver and actually cools you off. It’s glorious.

I lived in Denver for a year and a half. In that time, I made it my mission to explore every possible restaurant and bar that I could. For me, that’s the greatest (and most fun!) way to learn a new city. I’ve come to love sitting at the bar vs. a table when I eat and a lot of the time, I love doing so alone. It’s funny what people enjoy doing solo, isn’t it? My friend, Alisa, loves going to concerts on her own which is something I wouldn’t ever want to do. She feels that way about dining alone, it’s just not her thing at all. Anyway, I’ve been to a lot of places in Denver. I might even have an ever evolving restaurant spreadsheet that I keep updated. For Denver and NYC. Yes, I actually can be very organized contrary to what my sister might say.

I absolutely love getting gussied up and heading out for a fancy dinner. I feel like such an adult when I do that. Since financially that’s not really practical or doable all the time, you’ll most often find me in a local dive bar or supporting the little neighborhood mom and pop restaurants. 

This week’s Thirsty Thursday comes to you by way of Agave Taco Bar in the Wash Park neighborhood of Denver. I have a borderline obsession with tacos and margaritas so when Agave opened up, you know I was first in line to check it out. I should also mention that I’m a very harsh critic of margaritas considering I live down the street from a joint that serves incomparably strong, delicious, notsugarysweetandnauseating ones. When a margarita is bad, it’s just BAD. Here at Agave, I was very pleasantly surprised with their clean, bright watermelon margarita. They use a fresh watermelon puree along with tequila, cointreau, agave nectar and lime. Simple and straight forward. The tart and sweet balance is spot on and it doesn’t leave your mouth feeling like it’s coated in pre-made sour mix.

A big bonus is they’ve got a great happy hour so if you’re looking for drinks and snacks on the cheap, Agave satisfies those parameters. Take advantage of sitting outside, too. Your hair’s lack of frizz will thank you.

Happy weekend ahead, everyone! 


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