Thirsty Thursday: 2014 Pierre-Marie Chermette Domaine du Vissoux Beaujolais

Thirsty Thursday, Wine | April 30, 2015 | By

Yes, I know that’s a mouthful. Mouthful of delicious vino, that is.

When Allison was in wine school, she came to visit me in Denver for a weekend. I was still working at Frasca at the time and it just so happens that some of Allison’s study material in school involved information from Bobby Stuckey, owner of Frasca and Master Sommelier. I was really hoping I’d have the chance to introduce them when I took her to Boulder for the day and as luck would have it, we bumped right into him walking down the street. Bobby is great. He’s very approachable and encouraging which are qualities that many sommeliers don’t possess. As Allison has often said, the folks in the industry who are elitist and pretentious are exactly the ones who really aren’t in it for the right reason. Anyone who’s not willing to share their knowledge, advice and wisdom simply doesn’t have true passion for what they’re doing and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Over the weekend she visited, Allison needed to blind taste four wines for school. Blind tasting is basically when you taste and identify a wine without knowing what it is. Allison has a lot of natural talent for it and it was exciting to watch her pretty much nail three out of the four wines. One of them being Beaujolais which, at the time, I had never heard of or tasted. Holy moly, did I fall in love. It was like drinking strawberries.

Beaujolais is a very easy drinking red. It’s made from a grape called Gamay and it falls in between the new and old world styles which means it really appeals to most wine drinkers. This 2014 Pierre-Marie Chermette Domaine du Vissoux Beaujolais is light-bodied, high in acid and low in tannin with good minerality. You get a lot of strawberry in this wine along with red cherry and violet. There’s also a very light touch of peppery spice which I love. Allison said this can pair with all types of food which is an awesome choice for you wine drinkers who don’t wanna have to think about it too much.

All I know is after that weekend in Denver, I’ve been keeping vineyards of all kinds in business with my constant Beaujolais trying. Get on out there and pick some up! You won’t be disappointed.  



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    Hungry HUNGRY Hepher
    May 21, 2015

    How would this stack up against a bottle of ’10 Grape Four Loko (mis en bouteille au chateau…which literally translates to “before they took the caffeine out of 4 Loko and it was still a hate-crime-in-a-can”). Please elaborate using small words.

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